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A History of Botany in the United Kingdom (Rare) J. Reynolds Green

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Very rare 1914 Hardback with dustcover.              The object of this book is, in the first instance, to trace the development of botany as a science from the imperialism of the herbalists and the manner in which truly scientific conceptions came into vogue. It describes the path taken by the British botanists in the development of the science generally, and narrates their activity in all its departments. It traces the course of the botanical education, and shows how it made it's way in the curricula of the British universities, helped by the herb garden, the field excursion, the botanic garden, and the Laboratory.                                                                  Very rare 1914 Hardback with dustcover in very good condition, 2 small tears on edge of spine, and small rip on front near corner. Overall very good condition. Hardback perfect condition inside the dust cover and inside clean and unmarked. One of the only books available with its complete dustcover in rather excellent condition for a used book.                                                                               A real find. Original Christmas card envelope, included from 1914, to the owner a Mrs. Pollack in Navan, Ireland.