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Floral Designs - A Celtic Way : Reverend Mac

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Floral Designs - A Celtic Way.

A very rare limited edition, signed by the author Reverend Mac.

Reverend Mac is a man of many parts and over the years he has gained a world-wide reputation for his artistic flair. His unique sense of style and fun together with his knowledge of plant material, makes him a popular demonstrator and speaker. In this his second book, Reverend Mac has included some anecdotes which give a glimpse of the many facets of his life. It needs to be said at the outset that there is not peculiarly Celtic way of Floral Design. Reverend Mac, however, being a Celt, brings to his designs an instinctive Irish passion for the land which is expressed most convincingly in his use of garden foliage. Added to his appreciation of the 'forty shades of green' for which Ireland is famed is his inquisitive, and acquisitive, nature. It affords him great delight to seek out 'the rare and the lovely' of other lands and to include exquisite and intriguing plant materials in his own designs.